Ab Workout + Diet + Cardio = Key Ingredients To Get The Job Done

Your ab workout not only will involve the workout itself but will also require many other things. Proper diet, good nutrition and cardio is also needed in the ab department… these are key ingredients to obtaining the elusive six or eight pack.

The Seven Step Process… DECTPEN

With this new journey of your six pack and eight pack quest that you are about to embark upon will take dedication, effort, consistency, time and patience.

Two other important factors to this process is building the muscle and losing fat. So this is accomplished with a seven step process, the process known as DECTPEN.

  1. Dedication: Make up your mind to do this.
  2. Effort: Execute the needed effort to get the job done.
  3. Consistency: You will always show up for your workouts.
  4. Time: Schedule your day accordingly.
  5. Patience: Having the ability to stay focused on your goal.
  6. Exercise: Making sure you complete your scheduled workout.
  7. Nutrition: Eating the correct items that are nutritionally sound.

© Cynthia Dunbar

Stabilize And Improve Your Posture

The role and function of the abs are to provide you with stabilization and correct posture. An exercise that is really great for promoting those two items would be the plank, when you add the plank to your ab workout, you stabilize the spine and pelvis to prevent back pain and also to improve upon your posture.

Lose Fat Weight Not… Muscle Weight

An important factor to remember is that you want to lose fat weight, not muscle weight… if you lose more than 2 pounds per week, chances are that you are losing muscle and the result of this would be a skinny body… but a flabby body.

So the best thing to do is control your weight losses per week and be sure to lose weight slowly but also lose it consistently, when you do this you will be one buff and tuff dude or dudette.

Correct Form Not… Momentum

Concentrate on correct form while performing your ab workout, if you have strict form while working your abs you will be rewarded with a quality and injury free workout. Do not use momentum, momentum will only set you backward… concentrate on quality and awesome form.

Strong Abs… Strong Back

It’s important to have strength in your ab region and that strength should be equal to your back muscle strength. When the two strengths are not equal, then you can run into trouble and you could be prone to muscle injuries and also lower back pain.

Super Sneaky Workout Tips

It’s always nice to get a list of sneaky tips of someone who has done it and has actually been through what you are going through now. So… without further ado here are my favorite tips to use in my daily workouts.

  • Create a monthly photo diary: This is one way to track your progress and actually see what is happening with your training and then adjust your workouts accordingly to keep the progress going strong.
  • Get enough sleep: Remember… your body needs to repair itself from the great workouts that you are providing so when you sleep, that is when prime time repair time comes into play.
  • Equality rules: Don’t forget to exercise your back just as much as your abs, remember that these two muscle groups need to be equal in strength.
  • Create a workout log: In addition to your photo diary, create a daily workout log to keep track of your workouts. If you don’t want to create your own you could use the workout log that is listed in the weight loss tools tab or just click here.

© Cynthia Dunbar

  • Pull your belly button in: Always try to remember to pull your belly button toward your spine throughout your daily activities; this will give you a little mini ab workout during the day.

Superset = Secret Recipe For Serious Ab Progress

Here is one of my favorite workouts to do for abs, if you want serious progress, I suggest you superset the decline bench ab crunch and the decline bench reverse leg ups.

People in the gym will be wandering up to you to get your secret recipe for ab development, they might even hire you to teach them what you know… that would be kind of cool… don’t you think??

If you are a beginner, go ahead and start with half of what I have suggested. First exercise do 2 sets of 8, second exercise do 2 sets of 15, third exercise do 2 sets of 10.

All Angles Of The Dangle = Awesome Abs

If you want to track and hunt down the elusive, awesome sleek six or eight pack of abs… then we need to work the entire core, all angles of the dangle. So, let’s get ready and rock this ab workout, strip that fat away and get ready to reveal awesome washboard abs! ;)

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