Fit Cyn Welcomes You… So Glad You Stopped By ;-)

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my website Workouts And Weight Loss Club. I hope you will find very valuable information here for your weight loss journey.

I want to include a little background of my weight loss journey, let you know where I am coming from and to let you know that you no doubt can do this… I am here to help you along the way.

Glory Days… 1999 And Then Injury

My name is Cynthia Dunbar, but I prefer Fit Cyn I think it's a cuter, snappier name. The year was 1999 and I was in the best shape of my life, so I decided to enter my first Galaxy Competition, I placed 15th out of 40. So to say the least, I was super happy and this was a very exciting event in my life.

After that successful milestone in my life I became very unhappy because I had an injury at work that left me with some torn and herniated discs in my spine. From that event, I could no longer work out like I had been doing and as a result I had a 21.5 pound weight gain. I went from a happy 128 pounds to a very unhappy and unhealthy 149.5 pounds.

The Turning Point… Never Again Mess Up

There comes a point in your life that you decide enough is enough, that point came for me on August 2, 2011. That was when I tipped the scale at 149.5 pounds. It has taken me approximately two years to bring my weight back down to 128 pounds. I can honestly tell you that I will see my goal weight of 120 pounds with a fluctuation of maybe up to 123 pounds. Also I will make sure never to mess up again.

Consistency + Hard Work = Success!

I have learned a very valuable lesson which is your health is extremely  important and working out is a must have. Though your day to day results may vary, consistency and hard work is what will make you a success in your life and will give you a winning hand with your fitness goals. Enjoy all the good stuff here at Workouts And Weight Loss Club, thanks for stopping by!!

I wish you nothing but greatness, to your health and happiness.

Fit Cyn ;-)

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