Your Best Back Workout Starts With… Knowledge

A great back workout starts with knowledge of the muscles and knowing where those muscles are located; this will help you greatly with knowing how to train your soon to be awesome back.

Just remember the very popular phrase… “With knowledge comes power”. Let’s build upon that phrase, what we will now learn about the back, will lead to obtaining an amazing, powerful back that rocks the universe.

What Lies Beneath

There are muscles in your back that lie beneath some of your other back muscles, meaning your muscles are formed in layers. I will start from the underside and work my way outward to the top lying muscles.

The erector spinae muscle is located alongside the spine and runs the entire length of the back, its job is to extend and laterally flex the spine.

The teres minor and teres major are next to each other and they originate from different parts of the scapula.

Next in line is your infraspinatus which is the second of the four muscles that make up your rotator cuffs.

The rhomboids are located on your spinal column attaching themselves to the middle of your shoulder blades; their job is to bring the shoulder blades together.

Now we have the all-time favorite… latissimus dorsi. These magnificent dudes begin towards the upper end of the humerus and continue to your pelvic girdle; their job is to pull the arm down towards the pelvis.

Last but not least is the trapezius; some people refer to them as traps. These bad boys run the length of the upper section of the spinal cord and they attach at the middle of your back. The tasks at hand for these gorgeous guys are scapular adduction, depression and also elevation.

Points To Follow For A Well Designed Back Workout

A well designed workout will include exercises that involve your upper, middle and lower back, variety in the exercises you choose will lead to developing an awesome back.

Your upper and outer lats will respond well to wide grip placement outside your shoulders and pulling from an angle above your head or perpendicular to your body such as pullups and bent over rows. Also remember that pullup and pulldown motions are good for developing width in the back.

For your middle back we should use close grip and medium grip rowing movements that have you pulling to your midsection or to your sides such as one arm dumbbell row and close grip seated cable row.

Your lower lats will love reverse grip and close grip movements such as reverse grip pulldowns with a shoulder width grip and standing straight arm pulldowns.

Last but not least your lower back will respond to movements in which you bend at the waist such as hyperextensions and stiff legged barbell deadlift. While the lower back is a weak spot for many people, this is a good reason to increase our endurance and strength in the lower back.

Avoid Injury… Concentrate On Picture Perfect Form

If you expect to get anywhere with your back workout, using picture perfect form and also your level of concentration are very important aspects of your back training.

While working back, pulldowns to the front is best, pulldowns behind the head can potentially cause damage or strain to the rotator cuffs. That is one thing that we want to steer clear of, because the back is one of the body’s biggest and strongest body parts, lets make sure we keep it injury free.

Below you will find some of the back exercises that I do, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You’ve Got To Spread Your Wings… Don’t Forget Them

One important thing to keep in your forethoughts… don’t forget to train your back just because you cannot see it, remember… a great back will give you not only a powerful look, but it also contributes to the “V-Taper” look and a small waist.

Let’s rock and roll on the back workout… are you ready to earn your wings??

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