Best Cardio Workout… Desire To Be Inspired

The best cardio workout is the one that leaves you with a desire to be inspired. When we are inspired we are motivated to do our best and that is one of the important factors in being successful with our cardio endeavors.

There are many different ways to keep your cardio workouts exciting, the first major thing that you want to think of is to make sure you always do the activities that you enjoy the most. If you do this… you will always be looking forward to accomplishing some of your favorite cardio workouts, in this way, you will never dread having to do your time on whatever your choice may be.

The Stats Are In… You Choose

I have included a handy dandy list of some activities and how many calories that particular cardio workout will burn, based off of a 150 pound person. A lighter person will burn less calories and a heavier person will burn more calories. You are the boss… you choose which activity that you think you will enjoy the most and also get the most benefits out of.

Just a glance of the list, it looks like the two activities with the biggest bang for your buck… and if you like these activities would be, running 8-minute miles and the Skier’s Edge machine. Now, that will surely take your breath away and get your heart pumping BIG TIME. So what do you think… what’s your best cardio workout going to be?

Tips For A Planned Sneaky Assault On Cardio

To be able to plan out your sneaky assault on your best cardio workout, we need to plan in advance. When we have an advanced plan of attack… it will enable us to really kill it on cardio, annihilating those stubborn fat cells that want to keep clinging to you. Listed below are two steps to finding out what your resting heart rate is and finding your target heart rate zone.

Step 1: Know your resting heart rate: This would be how many times your heart beats per minute, determine your resting heart rate by taking your pulse for a minute. In one minute count how many times your heart beats, let’s say you count 80 beats in one minute… this is your resting heart rate.

Right after you wake up in the morning is the best time to determine your resting heart rate, remember to use your index and middle finger to do this, take your pulse either at your neck or your wrist.

Step 2: Know your target heart rate zone: This is where we need to get a rough estimate of your maximum heart rate, take the number 220 and then subtract your age from that number; if you are 47 years old then your maximum heart rate would be 173.

Next we would subtract your maximum heart rate from your resting heart rate and then proceed to multiply the resulting number by the low end and high end of your target zone 65% and 85%. When you get that figured out, we add on your resting heart rate to both of those numbers to find your target heart rate zone. It all sounds complex, let me simplify it on a flow chart below. I’ll also include a blank flow chart for you to use below the example chart.

Your Newfound Knowledge… Now Kick Some Serious Booty!

I hope I simplified the process for you, may you take your newfound knowledge and use it to get the most out of your best cardio workout. I know that you are going to kick some serious booty with your cardio program!!

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