A Great Bicep Workout = Amazing Guns… It’s Showtime

Your bicep workout is so very important if you want the show and go muscles… bring the guns out, ready for the gun show? Let’s see those gorgeous biceps people!

If you want an exercise that targets full range of motion then the preacher curl will help you develop a well-rounded bicep. The reason for this is since your palms are facing up, you will get the benefit of supination, which peaks up the outer head of the biceps during full flexion, and this exercise is very effective with developing thickness through the central section of the bicep.

The Dynamic Duo Working In Unison

Your biceps are known as the biceps brachii and there are two parts to these gorgeous dudes. The long head is located on the outside of your arm and this guy is responsible for giving the bicep its peak; the short head is located on the inside of your arm and is responsible for the thickness of the bicep. Both of these heads work in unison as one muscle.

The upper arm consists of your biceps and triceps. Just remember… that the triceps account for a very large part of the upper arm so don’t neglect your triceps workout day.

Tasks at hand for your biceps is to flex your elbow, which will move the forearm towards the shoulder and also supinates our forearms so we can turn our hands either in a palms up position or a palms down position.

Shock Those Bad Boys By Varying Your Bicep Workout

To obtain growth in your biceps you must increase your training load, in other words… bump up the poundage that you do with each set. Make sure you get enough reps in and have consistency in your workout plan. When this happens then your guns will be locked, loaded and ready for some serious flexing action.

Always be in the market to shock those awesome biceps by varying your workout and switching it up from time to time. Remember, we don’t want any plateaus creeping up and hindering your success… we want to deter discouragement and increase your success. So, get ready to punish those bad boy biceps and get ready for some big time success with your bicep workout.

If you want bulk do 3-5 sets with 5-8 repetitions (reps), if it’s tone your after… do 3-5 sets with 15-20 reps and if your after the combo then 3-5 sets with 8-15 reps will do you fine.

Become The Workout… And You Will Become Great

During your bicep workout, be sure to train both heads equally so you will obtain a well-rounded look to your bad boy stun guns… also be sure to have controlled form. Don’t allow your body to swing and be sure to keep your elbows tucked into the sides of your body throughout your bicep exercises, act as though your elbows are super glued to your sides. This rule applies to any close grip bicep work, it won’t apply to wide grip work.

Keep in your forethoughts that the keys to success are… consistency and motivation, the kind that resonates from deep within the soul and core of who we are and what we want to accomplish. Live in the moment, connect with your workout, become the workout and you will become great, just like a masters painting.

Whatever You Do… Get A Grip

To work the different heads of our biceps effectively, we need to use different grips when we are performing our bicep exercises.

When I work biceps, I always like to begin the workout with a close grip and as I proceed throughout the individual different exercises, I then graduate my grip wider. The preacher curls have the closest grip, with these I have a narrower than shoulder width grip. Next up is cable hammer curls, on these I use a shoulder width grip. Last but not least is wide grip standing barbell curl, I try to use a wider than shoulder grip on these.

  1. For your short head: Use a supinated grip shoulder width and wider, palms up, hands as flat as possible and pinky finger side held high.
  2. For your long head: Use a natural grip where the thumb side of your hand is as high as the rest of the hand, kind of like you are holding a hammer in your hand. Make sure this is a close grip, meaning… shoulder width wide or narrower.

Below I have included some of my favorite exercises to give you a little push towards getting started with your bicep workout. This way we can jump start our success to obtaining those bad boy biceps, I hope you enjoy them. Now it’s time to get mean and lean, tuff and buff. Let’s do this.

Mind Over Matter Will Reap The Rewards Of Greatness

Don’t compare your muscles to other peoples muscles… not everyone has the same genetics or muscle structure, go with what you have and run 100% maximum effort toward making it better. Do this for you.

One last thought… you will be successful because this is a case of mind over matter. As soon as you decide that you have the mind and will of living this new and healthy lifestyle, the only thing that matters is reaching your goal. Because your mind and will are strong… you will achieve greatness with your bicep workout.

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