A Calf Workout… Success Is In The Formula

A successful calf workout is formulated with patience, correct form, hard work and variety with our exercises. One reason the calves are so difficult to develop is the daily use that they endure, they are often forgotten about and at the same time… the hardest to develop.

Moving And Grooving… It Takes All Groupings, Large And Small

Located on the back of your lower legs, we have the lonesome calves. These fellows are comprised of two muscles which are the gastrocnemius and the soleus. The soleus lies under the gastrocnemius, the two muscles are interdependent upon each other.

The calves work hard to stabilize the whole body throughout all of your movements. The calves help you elevate the heel, they allow you to pull up your heel and extend your foot when you run, jump, and walk.

The lower leg is also dependent upon other small muscle groupings as a whole to make it all happen for you in the leg movement department.

Opposite of the calves we have the front of your shin, the shin has four muscles they are the tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus and the peroneus tertius. This muscle group is responsible for flexing (bending) the foot upwards at your ankle.

Last but not least and always included, located on the outside area of the lower leg are the muscles that are responsible for lateral movements. The peroneus longus and the peroneus brevis are responsible for sideways movement of the foot at the ankle and stabilization of the leg upon the foot.

Progressive Overload Works Wonders For Your Calf Workout

Progressive overload works wonders when it comes to building muscle. Just keep increasing the pounds, reps and sets then… bam there you have it, you are now effectively forcing your muscles to grow. Make sure you work your calves utilizing a variety of exercises and different angles.

Calves are stubborn muscles be sure to train them at least 3 times per week and yearn for the burn, you will have progress if you lift with focus, correct form and keep in mind range of motion… you won’t get any progress out of a half rep.

Remember to feel the stretch at the bottom of the rep, feel the contraction at the top of the rep. Envision trying to reach items on the top shelf in the grocery store that you are too short to reach… you will reach those items by being all the way up on your tippy-toes.

To put more of a workload on different parts of your calves, try doing calf work when your ankle is extended and your knee is bent, this tends to work your soleus muscle more. An example of this would be seated calf work, with a 90 degree angle between your quads and calves. When your knee is straight and you are doing calf work, the gastrocnemius has more of a workload on it.

One important factor in your calf workout is to always maintain tension on the calves. Stretch the calves’ in-between your sets. Remember to keep strict, controlled form throughout all of your exercises. Breathe properly while you are doing your exercises, breathe out (exhale) as you lift the weight and breathe in (inhale) as you lower the weight.

Win The War With Those Stubborn Calves

In order to have success with your calf workout and move those little doggies along quite nicely, be ready to really hammer those stubborn dudes to the maximum limits. Remember… you only think that you are going to die when you are in the process of killing the calves.

Dedication, consistency, determination, patience, correct form, hard work and the right frame of mind will always give you a winning hand in terms of winning the war with your calf development.

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