Elliptical Workouts… Your Total Body Workout Buddy

Elliptical workouts offer a total body workout. They provide a great low impact workout that allows you to get your heart rate up and also achieve the cardiovascular conditioning that is needed for your heart and lungs to serve you well for your entire life.

Numerous Benefits For Your Entire Life

There are many benefits when it comes to working out on the elliptical, one of the coolest reasons is that there is a smooth gliding motion, check out the list below for more great reasons to climb aboard and glide along your pathway to success.

  • Perfect for people who suffer from knee, back or hip pain.
  • Use of the upper body combined with the lower body = an exceptional calorie burn by 20%.
  • By increasing your heart rate you are increasing your aerobic capacity.
  • Because the elliptical provides a non-impact workout it is perfect for people who suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis.
  • Because the elliptical is a weight bearing exercise, it helps in inhibiting the development of osteoporosis.
  • You can exercise longer on the elliptical than you can on a treadmill or any other joint jarring exercise.

When done right and because you are working the whole body at one time, your elliptical workouts can easily burn 300 to 400 calories in 30 minutes. This whole body workout will greatly enhance the rate of your weight loss, but make sure you follow a healthy sensible diet to further your weight loss success.

Time Crunch??... Recruit All Your Muscles

Practically all your muscles get involved in this total body workout, this is a perfect activity if you are in a time crunch. See the list below for the different motions of the elliptical paired up with what muscles you are involving in your workout.

  • Forward motion: Quadriceps
  • Backward motion: Hamstrings and booty
  • Pushing motion with the handlebars: Chest
  • Pulling motion with the handlebars: Upper back

You can work on balance and your core, by just using your legs, all you have to do is let go of the handlebars.

If your elliptical machine doesn’t have any handlebars… why not go out and purchase some hand held weights to increase the difficulty and thereby reaping more benefits from your elliptical machine.

Fixed Or… Bust A Blood Vessel Hard??

There are two types of workouts you can do on the elliptical; each type of workout has different applications that you can apply to your fitness goals.

  1. Fixed pace workout: Generally this is a fixed pace cardio session sometimes with small variations of speed, incline or resistance thrown in, but as an overall rule it’s relatively the same for a sustained period. This type of workout is good for beginners, when you want to break up your routine or if you are low on your energy reserves.
  2. Interval workout: This is a bust a blood vessel hard, you can obtain intense weight loss with this workout; this keeps boredom from sneaking up behind you and snatching you away from your workouts. With this workout you are continuously varying speed, incline and resistance levels. Believe me, when you do interval workouts… you think you are going to die, but somehow you manage to live another day.

Don’t waste your time dawdling on the elliptical by reading magazines or watching TV… really get with it, become one with the elliptical and really kick it into overdrive. Make that elliptical pay the same price that you are paying and get your money’s worth out of it.

Focus on your workout and task at hand, tune out all other distractions.

By continually varying your elliptical workouts to increase the effectiveness and challenge of each one, this will keep you motivated, interested and your workouts will be maximized for optimum results.

Enduring The Pain… Reap The Reward

Below are two elliptical workouts that I enjoy. It’s time to get busy and get gliding and riding with these two fun bundles of joy, nothing better than sweating blood and tears. Just remember… you will live to see another day and you will have one rockin’ body because of the pain that you endure. Remember if the workouts below are to easy... feel free to up the level of intensity, resistance and incline.

Variety And Reliability

There are a wide variety of elliptical workouts that are preprogrammed into the machines thus preventing boredom from setting in.

The elliptical is an excellent choice for use in the home environment; they have a better record when it comes to reliability compared to the treadmill or stair climber. This is due in part to fewer moving parts which equates to less maintenance.

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