Fat Burning Workouts Are… A Fat Cells Worst Enemy

Fat burning workouts are a fat cells worst enemy, interval training boosts your metabolism for several hours after your workout, which can help you melt that stubborn fat even quicker.

Don’t Fall Victim To Workout Familiarity

We sometimes risk falling into the comfort zone, the “it’s good enough” workout. We usually follow that up with… I’ll try harder next week or I’ll step up the workload when I make it to the gym a consecutive five days in a row.

Don’t let this happen to you; don’t fall into familiarity with your workouts. The workout that you may be doing might feel good enough or it may feel comfortable to you. But let’s face it… it’s not effective when it comes to always meeting or beating your fitness goals.

Cardio… The Magic Wand To Increase Your Metabolism

There are two types of cardio; low intensity cardio builds stamina while high intensity cardio maximizes fat burning.

Cardio is a way to increase your metabolism, by participating in cardio activities you are allowing your body to be more efficient in using the calories that you are eating.

An important reminder when it comes to cardio and dieting, don’t sabotage your progress to your workouts, always remember to stay on track with a healthy diet. If you have the correct mix of cardio and a healthy diet you will always win hands down with your fitness goals.

A 35 Minute Beginners Workout

So everyone has to start somewhere, we are all beginners at some point in our lives. I know it really stinks to have to start at the beginning but, it is better to start at the beginning and start safe than to try to start as an advanced and then get an injury.

Just remember as soon as you get an injury that will set you back for weeks. I’ve listed below a 35 minute beginner's workout for you to try out. This is a favorite one of mine to use when you are just starting out, give it a go and see how you like it.

A 40 Minute Fat Burner To Kick Your Booty

There really are a lot of different workouts that are available to you; I’ve listed below a 40 minute fat burning workout for you to try out. This is one of my all-time favorite ones, give it a go and see how you like it.

Add 3 Pounds Of Muscle… Incinerate An Extra 650 To 1,030

You can burn an extra 650 to 1,030 calories a week, if you add 3 pounds of muscle. So that’s a no brainer… in addition to your cardio fat burning workouts why not add in some strength training to your weekly workout schedule. So, what are you waiting for… let’s pump it up!

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