Search Is Over… Free Workout Plans

I have free workout plans for you! If you have searched and searched in every little corner imaginable on the web for these helpful little jewels, but have failed to find any that satisfied you… finally you have arrived at your final destination. You will find a large variety of different types of workouts for all levels of fitness that can be put into practice immediately.

Time Saving Workouts

If you’re looking for some short workouts, I have examples of 10, 21 and 36 minute workouts. So, if you are in a time crunch… go ahead and choose the one that would be right for you.

Annihilate The Fat With Circuit Training

Circuit training is a great fat burning workout. This is achieved by picking up the pace in your workouts, elevating your heart rate to burn more calories by not resting between your exercises.

Be As Strong As A Gladiator

Weight training workouts offer new and interesting ways to build lean muscle tissue, lose weight and get stronger. The free workout plans that will be included for the upper body are…

And to get the lower body in on the action, there will be…

An Essential Part Of The Mix

To be able to enjoy a well-rounded exercise program, one important part of the mix is cardio. This is important for your heart health, endurance and weight loss. I have included all different types of workouts… just click on the cardiovascular workouts button.

No Excuses… BYOBW!

BYOBW? Bring your own bodyweight… aha, now there isn’t a reason to skip that fun workout… just use your bodyweight and snap, soon you will be finished with your workout. Located in the beginners learning center, you will find some bodyweight workouts that are a lot of fun to do.

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