A Hamstring Workout For The 3 Musketeers

A great hamstring workout will serve you well in respect to becoming balanced with your physique; there are a lot of people out there who forget about training their backside. One of the biggest points of training is that we want to obtain the whole body package; we don’t want just bits and pieces of the package.

Whatever you may call your hamstrings… hammies, or hams, we know that the three musketeers need some attention just like the rest of your muscle groupings. So… what are you waiting for, let’s show them some love.

The Quest For Amazing, Strong And Balanced Hamstrings

There are three muscles that are responsible in the composition of the hamstring muscle group, these muscles are located along the back of your leg, and they are between your glute (butt) and where your knee bends.

The three individual muscles that make up the hamstrings are the semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and the biceps femoris.

The hamstrings work in harmony with two joints, your hip joint and your knee joint. The hamstring muscle group is responsible for flexing (bending) the leg at the knee, hip extension, jumping, sprinting, and running.

In the quest for improving our hamstrings size so they are balanced with our quads; it’s important to always be consistent with our training, when we do our hamstring exercises always make sure our form is spot on perfect.

Never forget about our backside, when we remember these things we will have some amazing hamstrings that will be in balance with our quads.

Fit That Hamstring Workout In… First Things First, Then Good Will Follow

Try to train hamstrings first thing when you get to the gym, if you do that you will always remember to get those bad boy hammies in. When we remember to get our hamstrings fit into the workout schedule… then nothing but good will happen.

The bad boy hammies will allow the following good things to happen to you:

  • Improves your athletic abilities
  • Helps you lift more weight in the gym
  • Helps you function better in your everyday life
  • Helps to keep your knees healthy and functioning
  • Helps you run faster and jump higher

The keys to success with your hammies would be:

  • Proper form while executing your hamstring exercises
  • Working hamstrings on a consistent schedule
  • Always striving for better, harder workouts with each passing day

I hope you enjoy the following exercises that I have included for you, these are the same exercises that I use on my hamstring workout day.

Proper Form + Dedicated Training = An Efficient Body

If you are consistent with your hamstring workout, and you have proper strict form with your exercises, you should notice some progress in a few weeks.

Be dedicated to developing amazing hamstrings and give them the correct training then what will follow is… great hamstrings and also well-balanced, strong, and functional muscles that will serve us well on a day to day basis and this allows us to have a more efficient body.

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