Jump Rope Workouts… A Time Machine
To Your Childhood

Jump rope workouts are a cool fun way of bouncing back to revisit our childhood, kind of a time machine you could say. Not only will jumping rope burn those stubborn calories, but it is an effective way to get an all-around great workout for your whole body. It not only burns about 10 calories per minute but will also strengthen your arms, shoulders, legs and bootie.

Just think, because your jump rope is easy to take with you... it's like cardio on the go and great for your heart!

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Raise Your Awareness And Improve Your Motor Skills

Jumping rope will raise your awareness of what your body is doing because it helps us connect with our brain’s neurons and as a result we have more coordination in our motor skills. Some of the other skills jumping rope will help us with are agility, quickness, endurance and footwork.

Have No Fear… You Will Conquer It

If you’re a novice at jumping rope at times it can be challenging, just remember it takes time to get as good as a professional boxer. Just remember one thing… don’t let your frustration get the best of you, make sure you stick it out because I guarantee if you do this, it will all become easier as long as you keep practicing with the rope.

Measure And Snip It But With… Caution

The types of rope that are available are beaded ropes, leather ropes and weighted ropes. The ideal rope for a novice would be the beaded rope. The lengths that are available range from 8 to 10 feet, most sporting goods stores stock 9 foot lengths. The 9 foot rope will usually be sufficient for people that are 6 feet tall and under, if you are over 6 feet you might require a 10 foot rope.

Before using your rope make sure that you adjust it to your height, to do this you would snip off some of the rope at the end, making sure only to do so a little at a time. You wouldn’t want to just cut a lot of the rope off at once and then discover that you cut too much off. A good way to measure the rope to your individual height would be to step in the middle of the rope and the handles should then reach to your armpits.

Start Slow And Work Up To Greatness

If you are new to jumping rope, remember to start off slow and then work up to greatness with the rope. You might only be able to hang in there with the rope at 20 seconds or so, but remember through practice and patience you will work up to 3 minutes at a time or more. Always stay on your toes when you jump this lessens the impact by using your body’s natural shock absorbers.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life With Your Jump Rope Workouts

There are many different styles of jumping rope, double leg jumps, single leg jumps, running in place, crisscross and double unders.

  • Double leg jumps: As you turn the rope jump with both legs at the same time.
  • Single leg jumps: Stand on one leg and as you turn the rope you will only jump with that particular leg, make sure you keep the opposite leg out of the way of the rope.
  • Running in place: With each turn of the rope, you will be lifting each leg separately, it’s the same concept of jogging in place only with your trusty side kick… the rope.
  • Crisscross: As you turn the rope on the downward swing cross your arms at the elbows and jump through the loop of the rope that has formed in front of your body and then uncross your arms on the next downward swing. Keep the crisscross alternating pattern going for the duration of the exercise.
  • Double unders: For every one jump you take, you would turn the rope twice. Be sure to keep your feet together, jumping with both feet at the same time.

The Possibilities Are Endless

There are so many different options when it comes to your jump rope workouts, the only limit on this is your imagination. Jump rope intervals mixed in with your weight or circuit training program work great for a boredom killer, why not mix your jump rope workout in with a session on the treadmill, stair stepper or elliptical workouts.

Here is an example of one of my favorite jump rope workouts, remember to ease into this workout, the only equipment you will need is your jump rope, a wall and a timer or clock. You will use the wall for wall squats.

To do a wall squat: Stand against the wall with just your head and back touching, feet are shoulder width apart and approximately 15 inches or so away from the wall (be sure it feels comfortable to you). Hang your arms down at your sides. Now bend your knees and slide down the wall into a squat position, at this point your thighs are parallel to the floor, now hold this position for a minute. Now return back to a normal standing position.

Ten minute lickity split jump rope and squat workout

  • Minutes 0 to 1: Double leg jumps
  • Minutes 1 to 2: Wall squat
  • Minutes 2 to 3: Single leg jump (30 seconds with the right leg, 30 seconds with the left leg)
  • Minutes 3 to 4: Wall squat
  • Minutes 4 to 5: Run in place
  • Minutes 5 to 6: Wall squat
  • Minutes 6 to 7: Crisscross
  • Minutes 7 to 8: Wall squat
  • Minutes 8 to 9: Double Unders
  • Minutes 9 to 10: Finish with the wall squat

Because of the portability of the jump rope, your imagination can go wild taking your workouts to a new level. Why not take your jump rope workouts to the park, beach or the mountains do you see the endless, exciting possibilities?

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