Mini Trampoline Workout… A Jumpin’ Good Time

Mini trampoline workout jumpin’ jelly beans… what a fun thing to do! What could be more fun than getting your workout in and also having tons of fun, while feeling lighter than air… nothing beats it.

Never Fear… Portability = Consistency = Progress

There are so many upsides to working out on the mini trampoline, not only does it improve your balance and coordination, but it tones the quads, your bootie and calves.

And never fear… you will never have to miss a workout because of bad weather, the mini trampoline is great for indoor usage and because it is portable you could take it anywhere and get a really great workout. This in the end lends itself to amazing progress!

Only Good Things Come From A Great Mini Trampoline Workout

If you are consistent with your scheduled workouts on the mini trampoline, it is great for your heart by protecting you from coronary disease, reducing your cholesterol levels and can also lower your blood pressure levels.

Other health benefits would include exercising the brain by forcing you to use coordinated moves that require concentration on your brain’s part… not only are you exercising your body with a low impact cardio activity, but you are getting a two for one… your brain is getting some exercise, SWEET!!

Just remember to place your mini trampoline in plain sight where you will see it every day thus reminding you to get bouncing.

A Variety To Fit Your Budget

There are a wide variety of sizes, brands and price ranges of mini trampolines. You can find these trampolines in different stores, some of the retailers are: Target, Walmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and also online from See the list below for the size and price ranges; the price range is really dependent upon the quality of the mini trampoline.

  • 36" diameter x 8.75" tall: $69.99
  • 38" diameter x 9.00" tall: $29.99
  • 40" diameter x 8.50" tall: $59.99
  • 42" diameter x 9.00" tall: $44.99
  • 45" x 33.50" x 9.00" tall: $129.99 (this is an oval trampoline)
  • 49" diameter x 13.80" tall: $729.99

Take Care To Be Aware

During your mini trampoline workout, be aware of your foot placement taking care not to turn or twist your ankles and be sure to always do a little warm-up before you get ruthless with your mini trampoline.

Before you bounce, be sure to do a safety check of your mini trampoline, making sure it is safe to use and everything is in working order and that it is assembled correctly… kind of like a pilot doing a preflight check.

The Scoop On The Different Bounces

There are many types of trampoline exercises that you can do, see the list below for the different types of exercises that you can perform on the mini trampoline.

  • Basic bounce: This could be used as a warm up, it is just a small easy bounce on the trampoline, your feet don’t leave the mat, this will get you ready to get busy and really kick it into gear once you are warmed up.
  • Tuck: As you jump up, bend your knees and tuck them to your chest, touch your shins when you are at the top of the jump. On your way down out of the jump, release your shins so you are standing in a vertical position when your feet touch the mat.
  • Half twist: As you jump up, turn your body at the top of the jump to face in the opposite direction, then on the way down out of the jump, land in the same position as you started.
  • Sprinting: With this exercise stand on the trampoline, you would then pump your legs and arms as fast as you can; this is the same concept as jogging in place if you were to stand on the floor doing this.
  • Jog and bounce switchers: Jog in place on the trampoline, when you have your rhythm then you want to bounce five times on one leg, when that is complete then switch to the other leg to complete five bounces. You can repeat this pattern as often as you like.
  • Jumping jack blast: Bounce in place on the trampoline, when you have your rhythm, start to perform the basic jumping jack. Do this as often as you like.
  • Jumping rope: You can also mix in your jump rope sessions with your trampoline workouts, just be sure to keep the rope clear of any obstructions.
  • Leg switches: One leg will come forward while the other leg is traveling backwards, keep a steady rhythm on this.
  • Boxers punch and high knees: As you are bouncing on the trampoline keep your knees in a high position, alternating as the opposite arm punches out in front of you, this is the same concept of jogging in place but you make sure to keep your knees high and add in some punching action.

A Fun Bouncing Good 10 Minute Workout

Here is an example of one of my favorite mini trampoline workouts, remember to ease into this workout, the only equipment you will need is your mini trampoline, a jump rope and a timer or clock.

  • Minutes 0 to 2: Warm up with the basic bounce
  • Minutes 2 to 3: Tuck
  • Minutes 3 to 4: Half twist
  • Minutes 4 to 5: Sprinting
  • Minutes 5 to 6: Jog and bounce switchers
  • Minutes 6 to 7: Jumping jack blast
  • Minutes 7 to 8: Jumping rope
  • Minutes 8 to 9: Leg switches
  • Minutes 9 to 10: Finish with the boxers punch and high knees

You’ll have so much fun with this mini trampoline workout, 10 minutes will fly by like it’s nothing, then pretty soon you’ll never want to get off that cool mini trampoline. So, come on let’s get bouncing!!

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