Motivation = Effort = Progress!

Motivation = Effort = Progress which in turn encourages you to put more effort in, then in return you have more progress. Then it happens… BAM! You have entered the rarified atmosphere of weight loss! Let me tell you… that event is a most joyous occasion, one that you will cherish forever.

Almighty Focus And Courage From Deep Within

So, how do you summon the almighty focus and courage to gather upon your inner strength? We must have a game plan, will power and the need to succeed. Here are some of my favorite tips for success, follow them and you will reap the rewards of being fit, healthy, happy and keeping your edge on the weight loss motivation factor.

  • Always review your goals to make sure you are inching your way towards them, adjust as necessary to keep on track. It helps to compile a list of your favorite motivation quotes.
  • Make a list of the pros and cons of exercising and weight loss, I know the pros will outweigh the cons. What has helped me is to look at some weight loss photos.
  • Be sure to just do the activities that you enjoy. If the activity is something you really like doing, chances are you will be consistent with your exercise plan and you will lose weight.
  • Always look at your exercising goals as an investment in your health. It has been said that your health is your wealth.
  • As you lie in bed right before drifting off to sleep, think of how nice it is that you are making progress towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.
  • If you start to get bored with your workout, then take note of that and mix it up… remember they say variety is the spice of life.
  • Always hold yourself accountable for your exercise goals. One of my favorite things to do is to find information on workout motivation.

Way Of Life

Living as a fit person is a way of life, this mindset must become second nature to you. The millions of people in the world that struggle with their weight use food not only for nutrition… they also use it as an emotional support system. In order to change our mindset towards a fit and healthy mindset we must...

  • Think long term fit, think long term healthy. Really think about that piece of cake, candy bar or donut before you eat them. Focus on the real consequences, rather than the temporary satisfactions of eating them.
  • Here’s a really neat trick I came up with. If you want to know what that piece of cake tastes like, then go ahead and take a bite… taste it, now that you have satisfied your curiosity… spit it out. Job accomplished, by doing this you won’t suffer the consequences of actually consuming the cake. Genius I thought to myself!
  • When you’re tempted to eat something you don’t need, visualize how you and your stomach is going to feel after you consume the evil weight increasing food that you are thinking of.
  • Keep practicing these methods until they become second nature to you.
  • Always pat yourself on the back and give yourself credit for what you have accomplished. You are GREAT… never forget that important nugget of information.

Surround With Likeness

Surround yourself with the people that you would like to become. By doing this, you will start to emulate the successful things that they do. Remember… learn from only the best to be your best. This is one of my favorite weight loss motivation quotes.

Triggers… Get To Know Those Evil Little Monsters

You will understand your weight loss journey better when you understand the emotional triggers that might throw you into a weight gain mode. Some of these emotional triggers might be…

  • Due to hitting middle age, it is harder to lose weight after a certain age, but it is still possible to lose that weight as long as you stick to it and have goals in mind.
  • Stress, unhappiness and frustration, if you keep up with your exercising goals it will help you immensely on these energy zapping triggers.

Relax, Be Happy… You Will Succeed!

If you make exercise and relaxation part of your life, you tend to stay more positive, feel great and achieve your goals, desires and dreams. For extra workout inspiration… check out the workout photos, they will inspire you.

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