A Serious Quadricep Workout Will Lead Us To Greatness

A serious quadricep workout will allow you to develop strong powerful legs. It’s very important to do everything you can to avoid the bird leg syndrome… you know you’ve seen people in the gym wandering around with bird legs. You wonder if they forgot to train legs or… do they have a full length mirror?

By acquiring strong legs you will arrive at a well-rounded physique, a physique that is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. A physique that will tell the world that you know what you’re doing… and you are great!!

The Dudes Responsible
For The Movement

There are four muscles that are responsible in the composition of the quadriceps muscle group, these muscles stretch across the front of your thigh.

They are the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, and the vastus intermedius. The vastus intermedius sits under the rectus femoris.

These muscles not only extend the knee and leg, but they also aid in walking, jumping, running and squatting.

Lean balanced muscle is the goal we are after, what will get us to our goal is consistent training, strict and controlled proper form.

When we accomplish these tasks… what we are left with is a sense of accomplishment, pride in a job well done, strength and power in our quads.

Keys To A Successful Quadricep Workout

When we are in the quest for a perfectly sculpted physique, it is important to follow some guidelines if we expect to see results from our quadricep training. Listed below are just a few of the keys to a successful training program.

  1. Consistent training: Our quad training will give us a balanced look and will prevent a top heavy look to our physique.
  2. Burn more body fat: Our quads require more energy to build and repair the muscle tissue; this requires more of a body fat burn equation at the end of a hard workout.
  3. Build power: By training our quads, we will gain strength and power which is useful in the gym and in our daily activities.
  4. Focus on correct form: By making sure that we are always using strict and proper form, we will always have confidence that we are getting the biggest bang for our buck during our workout.

If you live and die by these simple and effective guidelines, I know that you will be a success with your quadriceps training… and I know that you will have the desire and motivation to always push yourself harder and harder with each quadricep workout that you undertake.

WARNING: The exercises listed below on the workout chart is not a routine for the mild mannered… if you dare to undertake this routine… get ready to suck wind and be ready, because you are going to want to puke, you will develop a love hate relationship with 88’s.

Before attempting the 88’s, be sure you understand the proper procedures for squatting as explained on the leg workout chart, located on the leg workout page.

Gain The Core Strength In Order To Sustain All Other Workouts

Remember that your legs are the foundational base for your body; let’s make sure our quadricep workout is great and that it provides the core strength that is needed in order to sustain all of our other workouts. Always remember that you are great and that you will conquer all!

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