Short Workouts… A Quickie Is Better Than A No-ie

Short workouts do a body good when you are low on energy, short on time or distracted. So, as I see it an abbreviated workout is always better than a no workout (A No-ie). What usually happens when you do give into a quickie rather than a no-ie is that 9 times out of 10…

  1. You all of a sudden realize that your energy to workout in your normal mode has suddenly appeared out of thin air, and you get a really great workout in.
  2. You realize that… oh silly me, I do have time to get my awesome kicking booty workout going strong.
  3. Wow! I walked through the gym club door and I have the concentration level of a brain surgeon, now let’s rock this workout and get busy!

10 Minute House Quickie

It’s important to remember that when we are strapped for time, we need to set the mind right and realize that we should get in at least a 10 minute quick activity period. If we do this much, we don’t feel as guilty or depressed that we didn’t live up to our new healthy lifestyle that we have our sights set on.

Always remember that short workouts are better than no workouts. Here are a few ideas to start you thinking of cool and creative ways to get your quickie in.

  1. When you go outside in the morning why not take a quick 5 minute walk up the street, you know you have to get back home so that means another 5 minute walk back to the house… congrats you just completed your 10 minute quickie.
  2. When you are waiting for the laundry to come out of the dryer, let’s do some jumping jacks for 10 minutes while we wait on Mr. Dryer.
  3. When you are waiting for the water to boil on the stove let’s do some standing calf raises for 5 minutes and then 5 minutes of squats for your quads (thighs).

So, now do you have any creative ideas of your own that you could get your quickie going on? I bet some really fun creative ideas are now stirring in your head, and you’re thinking… not a moment to spare I’ve got to get my quickie in.

21 Minute Kick It With Cardio… Cool It With Abs

This is a 21 minute cardio workout that you can really do anywhere you want, there isn’t any equipment that is needed, just you, a clock, your bodyweight and also some energy.

So… do you have a favorite one yet? Which of the three short workouts will be your all-time favorite workout when you are strapped for time?

36 Minutes To Fat Incineration

This is a 36 minute fat burning workout that can really be done anywhere; it requires no gym, no equipment, just you, some willpower, your bodyweight and a clock.

All in all when you are pressed for time, low on energy, or just a bit grumpy, I think these short workouts will do you wonders… I know they have for me; they are some of my favorite ones to use. So… ready? You know you want to try them… I can tell, let’s get with it! ;)

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