A Great Shoulder Workout Gets You That Legendary “V-Taper” Look

An intense, amazing shoulder workout is your key to that legendary “V-Taper” look. You know the look… narrow in the hips and wide in the shoulders, master your workout and you will become the master of the “V-Taper” look.

Not only are the shoulders responsible for that coveted “V-Taper” look, but the main function of the shoulders aka deltoids or delts as some may call them is to help lift the arms to the front, side, back and to press overhead.

Parts, Location And Types Of Exercises

There are three parts that make up the shoulder, the anterior head, medial head, posterior head. It is important to remember when working the shoulders, that we work the three parts of the muscle grouping equally. By doing this, it will keep all three parts of this group from developing an imbalance. Always remember to keep your body in balance… your body is happier with you when you do this.

The anterior head is located at the front of the shoulder, the medial head is to the side (middle) of the shoulder and the posterior head is located to the back of the shoulder.

For the anterior head of the shoulder, any type of pressing exercise works well. The medial head responds well to any type of pushing out to the side exercise, the posterior head likes exercises that have you pushing to the back.

Keep Your Shoulder Workout In Picture Perfect Form And Then Attack With Intensity

When we work shoulders make sure we have intense, perfect form with all the exercises that we perform. When we do this we are developing strong shoulders in anticipation of living life injury free.

Shoulders are probably one of my all-time favorite muscles to work, I’ve included below some of my favorite shoulder exercises. So… tell me what are your favorite muscles to work, I’m sure you have more than one favorite!!

Get Great Shoulders And Avoid The Troll Look

The benefit of a great shoulder workout is that it will help you with your posture, when you have great posture then that also helps to decrease and even prevent back pain.

With great shoulders you will be able to put a stop to the problem of a stooped forward, rounded shoulder effect which looks as if an imaginary person is collapsing your shoulders to the front, giving you a concaved appearance of a hunched over, troll like look… YIKES!! Don’t give in to the troll… let’s pump up those beautiful, tuff and buff shoulders and then smack that troll down!

As I see it, there are at least three benefits of having amazing, well defined and great looking shoulders… check out the list below and tell me your thoughts.

  1. Great shoulders help balance out your frame.
  2. Great shoulders are one of the most noticed body parts.
  3. Great shoulders = broad shoulders which will make your waist look smaller.

So… are you ready to rock and roll with me on our next great shoulder workout, let’s get down and dirty, it’s time for some intense shoulder exercises. Put your game face on and don’t forget to bring your picture perfect form.

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