Swimming Workouts… The Benefits
Of A Lifetime Sport

Because swimming workouts are easy on your joints, you can continue with the sport of swimming for your entire life. Become one with the water and watch as you let your stress, worries and fears float away and what is returned to you is a renewal of youth, health and weightlessness.

Abundant Benefits!

There are many benefits of swimming. Blast fat while sculpting your muscles, no impact workout, develops general strength and muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness and also increases your endurance and improves your range of motion.

What???... There’s more?!!

Wait… Stop The Press! Here are some more benefits to your swimming workouts, see the list below for all the added values of swimming.

  • Swimming is a great activity for those who suffer from osteoporosis, have joint problems, or have an injury to heal.
  • Swimming uses a broad range of motion thereby helping your joints and ligaments to stay loose and flexible.
  • Swimming also helps to strengthen the heart and making it more efficient in pumping blood throughout your body and can reduce coronary heart disease.
  • Since you are exercising in moist air your swimming workouts can provide you with advantages if you have asthma, the fact is the humid air from the pool causes less irritation to your airways. Swimming can also increase your lung volume and teach you proper breathing techniques.

Fuel The Fire… Think Like The Professionals

Get the correct swimming gear consider purchasing a waterproof wristwatch, a swim cap and goggles make sure your goggles are comfortable and fit well. Fuel the fire… purchase competitive style suits, if you want to be the best swimmer… think like the professional swimmers and get the correct gear.

Plan, Schedule And Join

Plan a schedule for your swim workouts, make an appointment with yourself. For general fitness goals, try to swim 30 to 45 minutes 3 to 4 times per week. Plan to set new goals every 10 weeks.

Set realistic, challenging steps and goals to meet your end objectives. Stay focused on your goals; pack your swim bag the night before so there isn’t any opportunity for excuses.

Write a swim workout plan, without a plan there is no direction to follow and you can easily just slip into just bobbing around the pool. Keep track of your progress and remember to celebrate all of your victories no matter if they are small or big. If you do this it will keep your motivation strong.

Join a swim team; you might want to try your hand at swim competition. Who knows you might even be the next Olympic champion.

Four Learning Stages,
Practice And Become Fishlike

Listed below there are four learning stages in swimming to become fishlike, when you master these stages, you will become the fish.

  1. Water orientation: learning to be comfortable in the water, whether it be in the swimming pool, lake, river or the ocean. Learn about the water beforehand.
  2. Learning the basic elements of the different swim strokes.
  3. Once you know the basic elements of the swim strokes, and then improve upon what you know, you become more efficient in using the strokes.
  4. Focus on refining your motor coordination and learn to swim stronger and faster.

© Cynthia Dunbar

To swim efficiently the position of your head dictates the position of the body. Your forehead should be positioned just below the surface of the water, neck and upper back muscles relaxed. Practice perfect, flawless technique in the pool, if you do this you will be a master in the pool and you will be a master of your own swimming workouts.

Strokes And Some Swim Terms

If you are not familiar with some of the swim strokes and swim terms, review the list below to clear up any confusion.

  • Freestyle stroke: Alternating arm and kick, breathing to side, this is a standard stroke.
  • Breaststroke: Double arm and kick, arms are recovered underwater, frog kick.
  • Backstroke: Alternating arm and flutter kick while on the back.
  • Butterfly: Double arm and double kick, with simultaneous recovery of the arms over the water combined with an undulating dolphin kick. Both legs must be kept together and both hands must touch the wall simultaneously on the turns and also the finish.
  • Flutter kick: The legs make rapid alternate up and down movements while keeping the knees rigid.
  • Dolphin kick: This is a vertical leg kick where both the legs, feet and lower trunk move through the water with an action resembling a dolphin.
  • Pull buoy: This is a piece of foam shaped like a figure 8 and is held between the legs to keep the swimmer afloat while they focus on training only with their arms so they can develop arm strength, endurance and upper body strength.

Swim Those Nagging Pounds Away

So now it is time to use all that we have learned about swimming to get serious and lose that weight that keeps nagging you. I've included some of my favorite swimming workouts for you to try out, let’s jump in and swim those pounds away.

Intensity levels of workouts are: 1 is easy, 2 is moderate, 3 is moderately hard, 4 is hard, 5 is extremely hard… bust your gills hard.

I hope these weight loss swimming workouts will help you attain the goals that you have set your journey sights upon. Just remember that discipline, consistency, hard work and dedication to your new healthy lifestyle is the right recipe for success. I wish you many strokes of success!

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