Treadclimber TC5000, My Best Friend, My Love, My Life

Treadclimber TC5000 or as I respectfully refer to my TC5000 as… Mr. TC5000, I first saw my best friend while watching a TV info commercial on 11-30-04, it was love at first sight and I knew that I had to have him in my life.

Nautilus Has Created A Monster In Me…
What An Amazing Invention!

I soon found out what an amazing invention Nautilus created, to say the least, I am consumed by this machine. I live by it and breathe by it; I am hopelessly in love with Mr. TC5000.

Not a day goes by without having a cardio session on Mr. TC5000, if I do miss a day on Mr. TC5000 (very, very rare, due to the rare occasion of being ill) I think I actually go into withdrawal over that, I long for him, yearn for him, I need him in my life every day.

My Love Affair
With The Benefits Of The Treadclimber TC5000

As I said before, not a day goes by without doing a cardio session on Mr. TC5000; the usual timeframe that I am on the treadclimber is 1.5 hours a day, seven days per week, thereby burning a whopping 1,045 calories in a single session. You get the benefits of three different types of workouts but with just one piece of equipment, listed below are the three different workout styles.

  1. The walking action of a treadmill
  2. The effects of a stair climber
  3. The effects of an elliptical machine

The other benefits you reap with the TC5000 that are priceless would be you can burn up to double the calories when compared to the traditional pieces of equipment such as the treadmill and the stair climber.

Mr. TC5000 has allowed me to increase my metabolism, reduce my body fat and have an all-around leaner look. Because I have shed excess body fat, I have increased my energy levels; the total amount of pounds that I have dropped using this amazing piece of equipment has been 26.5 pounds.

The Unique Advantages

The space that is provided for your feet are called treadles, they move up and down vertically like a stair stepper and they also move with the action of a treadmill. You can adjust the speed of the machine, the intensity level and the tension level on the TC5000.

Since this machine has all the advantages of a low impact, no stress on your joints, and a very effective cardio workout… who wouldn’t want a convenient workout and a piece of equipment that is as easy as pie to use, I know that I can’t get enough of my “pie”.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Nautilus for designing such a well-built and durable machine; I am living proof of the durability of the treadclimber TC5000. If the TC5000 can handle cardio sessions lasting anywhere from 1 minute up to 3 hours per day in one session… then they are of great value and amazing quality.

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