Treadmill Walking Workouts… Walk Before You Run

Treadmill walking workouts are the perfect way to get started on the road to treadmill running, as the saying goes; you’ve got to walk before you can run. It is always better to be safe and start at the beginning.

Start With Proper Technique

Whether you are a total beginner, coming back after an injury or a seasoned pro, the proper treadmill technique is extremely important to the success of your treadmill workouts. See the list below for tips on proper technique for your treadmill workouts.

  • Proper posture, head up and level, relax upper body to avoid tension, let arms swing naturally, abs tight, let your legs guide you in a natural walking position.
  • Be sure to have a heel to toe strike as it meets the treadmill surface, this would be a heel, arch, ball to toe strike. Concentrate on even pressure for both feet as each foot strikes the treadmill surface.
  • Breathe naturally, don’t hold your breath. When you feel like quitting your treadmill workout, take a deep breath in and then release it to see if that gives you added energy to take your workout even further.

Just remember… the longer your workout is on the treadmill and the higher the intensity, the more calories you will burn thereby losing more weight and arriving at your goal sooner.

Build Up Your Cardio Base And Keep Progressing

If you are new to the treadmill scene, you will want to work on building up your cardio and fitness base along with your level of conditioning before attacking treadmill interval workouts. This might take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks depending on what your level of condition is when you first start on this journey of treadmill walking workouts.

Mix And Match… Keep It Fresh And New

Go ahead, mix and match the different treadmill workouts listed below, always vary your workouts on the treadmill in order to get maximum progress towards your weight loss goals. Keep your body guessing… never let it know what you are going to do next.

You Get Out What You Put In… So Let’s Jam!

If you want longer, harder or easier treadmill walking workouts go ahead and adjust the time frames, inclines and speed on these workouts. Remember… you will get out what you put into the workout, so why not go for the gusto and jam on these workouts. I know if you do that, you will be happy and overjoyed with the end results.

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