A Powerful Tricep Workout = Tremendous Results

Your tricep workout is a very important factor in developing and having amazing arms. With those amazing arms not only do you look incredible, but you will have powerful triceps that have proven very useful in performance with exercises like the military press and the bench press.

Triceps account for 2/3 of the muscle mass in your upper arms and so when you get the terrific triplets under control with consistent workouts… your arms will be truly magnificent.

Then pair the triplets up with the amazing dynamic duo… the biceps and you will be one rockin’ dude and dudette.

Got Horseshes? The Terrific Triplets Are Here To Assist You With That

Your triceps are also known as the triceps brachii and this muscle group is located at the rear of the upper arm. This awesome muscle has three heads that are responsible for its composition; they are the lateral head, the medial head and the long head.

The long head is located at the rear inside of your upper arm, an easy way to remember the location of this head is that it runs along your body.

The medial head is located at the rear middle inside of your upper arm, this head runs directly under the long and lateral heads and can only be seen towards the bottom of your upper arm.

The lateral head is located at the rear outside of your upper arm and this head is responsible for giving your triceps the awesome horseshoe shape.

Tasks at hand for your triceps is to extend (straighten) and flex (bend) the elbow, the secondary function is the job of the long head, this function brings your arm down towards your body (adduction). The triceps also aid in pushing.

Keys To Success With Your Tricep Workout

One important key to success would be… to make sure when you train triceps, you train all three heads equally by doing this it will enable you to develop well-rounded amazing triceps.

During your tricep workout, make sure that you have great form and that you really connect with your triceps. This needs to happen if you want truly terrific results with your workout. Be the triceps, feel the triceps work with every rep that you do, become the triceps and then my friend you will be amazed with your results.

There are multiple different exercises that will work your triceps in different ways, I’ve listed three really great ones to help kick start your workout program.

  1. Tricep dips hit all three heads at once
  2. Cable tricep pushdowns work the lateral and medial heads
  3. Overhead seated dumbbell tricep extensions work the long and medial heads

In short the lateral and medial heads are affected more by pushdown and kickback exercises, any overhead arm movements such as the overhead seated dumbbell tricep extensions will work great for development of the long head.

On the chart below I also included these exercises along with the number of sets and reps that I do when I work triceps, enjoy the workout… I know that I always do.

Hard Work + Careful Thought = Terrific Triceps

Keep working hard towards your fitness and workout goals; increase the pounds you lift whenever possible because the more weight that you can handle while working your triceps, this equates into more muscle gained.

Always train all three heads of your triceps equally when this is accomplished, you will have the complete package… your triceps will be truly amazing… just like you.

Always strive for perfect, controlled form during your tricep workout and really connect with what you are trying to accomplish with your triceps.

I wish you only the best on this journey you will be taking, now let’s tear this up and achieve some amazing, terrific triceps… this is going to be awesome!

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