Weight Loss Clubs…The All Time Great Motivator

Weight loss clubs are a great motivator. These are places where you can find likeminded people who will support your goals, dreams and wishes to improve upon your life. If you are ever in despair over your new weight loss journey, these are the people you can count on.

Your Weight Loss Mentor

In these clubs you will find a variety of different people all at different degrees of progress in their own weight loss journey. You will see beginners, intermediates and graduates. You will also find mentors who have been there, done that and now they want to help you do it. The value with membership in these clubs would be in the experience of the different members but also the value comes from...

  • The support you gain from others.
  • The acknowledgement of your success.
  • Restoring your self-esteem and your sense of pride.
  • Propping you up when you feel weak, they will pick you up and help you carry on.
  • Sharing your success and your disappointments.
  • Looking out for your well-being.
  • Helping you realize your goals by holding you accountable for your actions.

Actually hearing stories from different people at the different stages of progress will help reinforce that… YES I CAN DO THIS! On this site I will have different clubs available for you to join for free they are: Ab crunch, six pack abs, eight pack abs (we’ll have to work to get there together) if you know what I mean ;-) and the weight loss challenge.

Beware Of The Wolves At Some Weight Loss Clubs

Remember to always check the weight loss club out thoroughly before you hand over any of your hard earned dollars. Some of the worst ones will simply try to sell you on a quick weight loss scheme, they do not add any value only taking your money and never providing any of the real support that we spoke about earlier on.

Feeling Adventurous… Why Not Start Your Own?

It’s a great idea to start your own unique and rockin’ weight loss club for your workplace… this will let you design how you feel you would want the club to be, you could even get a few likeminded co-workers to join you. This would be a joint effort. Each of you could have your own areas of expertise thereby creating a very unique and special type of a club. Follow the easy plan listed below and kickoff your own club.

  • Email your co-workers concerning your plans on the startup of the weight loss club at your workplace. Have them respond by a certain date if they have a desire to join in this new and exciting adventure.
  • Start a book with all the co-workers that want to engage in this adventure, each co-worker should have their own section of the book. In each section of the book, you will keep the information of each weigh in of your different members.
  • Email your co-workers that every Monday is weigh in day at the start of the workday, the location of this club procedure will be in the company break room.
  • Make certain to keep an accurate record of everyone’s weigh in each week. Then email a club report to your members, applauding the week’s big losers, at that time you could give a weight loss inspirational story and tips on how to improve upon the clubs overall weight loss goals for the upcoming week.
  • Make available resources to help members lose weight. If the weight loss club is an official part of the company, you may be able to get a group discount at a local gym.
  • Set up a monthly challenge to help members reach a goal. You could get input from the members on what type of a challenge they would like to see. You could either vote on what you would like the challenge to be, or maybe right the different ideas down and then mix them up in a hat and draw one challenge out of the hat. Save the other ideas for the months to follow.
  • Accept new members whenever they would like to join. You don’t want to exclude someone just because he or she didn’t join on your start date. Allow co-workers to join whenever they feel that it’s the right time for them to start losing weight.

And there you have it, a fun and enjoyable group effort. This is one way to stay on track with the weight loss goals that you have set for yourself, but also you are helping others to achieve the same goals as you are achieving.

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