A Workout Chart… Create Your Success

As we previously discussed, a workout chart exists to help you plan something. When you create this chart it will help you achieve your workout goals by designing a plan of attack for your workouts.

There are many ways to design this handy dandy workout tool. You could create it with tables, graphs, charts or an impressive diagram. There are many different programs to use to achieve your desired effects.

The First Step Is Planning And Plotting

My best suggestion for you is to use the chart first, plan and plot your workout program, what muscles you want to work and what days to work them on, and then use the workout log to fine tune and list what exercises you will do for those particular muscle groups.

Below you will find two different examples of charts, the first example shows the days of the week and what muscles are worked on those days. This chart is a two week schedule and was created with just the table tool in Microsoft Word.

The other example shows the split of cardio you will do as opposed to the weight training you will do, this chart is a one week schedule and was created with the column chart in Microsoft Word.

Surpass Your Goals… Soar High Like An Eagle

A well designed chart provides an accurate and precise overview of what steps to take to reach your workout goals, not only will you meet those goals… but I would bet on it that you my friend will surpass your goals and soar high like an eagle in the sky.

I can’t wait to see and hear of the success that you will have, I am confident that with your hard work and your enthusiasm for this new healthy lifestyle that you are embarking upon… you will become the best ever!

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