Workout Inspiration... The Driving Force

Workout inspiration comes by actually doing what it takes to bring your goals, dreams and purpose into fruition. Your inspiration is your why, the driving force in getting things done and achieving your dreams. We first have to have motivation which is your dream and then we have to follow that up with inspiration which is your why, it is your actual plan of attack.

Your Eight Step Inspiration Plan

Finding inspiration is crucial to your new healthy lifestyle make over, it is so important that you make exercise a priority in your day to day activities and a priority in this new life journey that you embarked upon.

  1. Be inspired: Keep up to speed with someone that inspires you and that you want to be like… become obsessed with this and use this as a driving force to stay motivated and inspired.
  2. Mindset: Think like an athlete, never settle for less always want more from your workout and life.
  3. Take precautions: If you are tired of the endless cycle of starting and stopping with your workouts, you must have a backup plan for any excuses that may arise. Make sure this plan will end in completing a workout and not in blowing off your workout.
  4. Set a goal: Figure out what you want, why you want it, what is your plan, write it down, sleep with it, dream of it, want it, and do it. Be emotional of why and have it engrained in your heart, mind and soul then… your body will follow.
  5. Schedule it: Stick to a regular workout time, treat this like it is a regular appointment. Perhaps attach a monetary penalty to missing your workout, just like the doctors do… charge yourself for the missed appointment.
  6. Variety: Be sure to incorporate variety into your workout, change it every so often. Remember this is the key to keeping your workouts fresh, just say no to plateau.
  7. Track it: Track everything, take photos, measurements and keep a training log. These are things that lead to success if you keep amazing records, you should have amazing results provided that you are in this with 100% of you and wanting this so badly you can taste it and you yearn for it.
  8. Stick with it: Discouragement is the evil brother to quitting. So when these two boys show up, make sure you smack them down and banish them to the streets.

Embrace this new lifestyle, live it, breathe it, be it and pretty soon this lifestyle and this workout inspiration is engrained in your brain. It is who you are… you are a living, breathing inspiration to all.

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