Workout Journal… A Blueprint To Success

Your workout journal is basically an examination of your life, a record of events that happen in your life. This journal will help you stay motivated because you can analyze your results, be aware of the changes your body is going through and the bottom line is your journal records your progress.

In order to always improve upon your fitness goals, we need to realize the need for monitoring our progress, the ultimate tool in doing this would be using a thought out and well-designed workout journal.

Top Six Benefits To Your Journal

There are many benefits of keeping a journal, by keeping accurate records it allows us to set future realistic goals, your journal also provides focus, lets you realize any changes that you need to make and exactly what to change in your workout plan. See the list below for more wonderful, awesome benefits of your journal.

  1. Accountability: By recording all of your day to day activities, we have a past history of what worked and also what didn’t work. When we change the activities that didn’t work it is extremely motivational to see the positive changes take place.
  2. An undeniable record: When you keep track of where you started and you know where you want to go and how to get there and you chart your progress, this allows for a sense of accomplishment thereby increasing more motivation in your workouts.
  3. Behavior modifier: By increasing the awareness of your behavior, you are able to keep track of your workout schedule which helps to push you to all time new great heights, thereby meeting and exceeding your fitness goals.
  4. Invaluable tool: Allows you to track and evaluate your progress, adjust your workouts accordingly to focus on your weak areas thereby increasing your fitness level.
  5. Knowledge: As you look back over your workout journal, you will be able to see how each thing you do impacts your weight loss which allows you to stay away from the things that have a bad impact and as a result you will do more of the positive things.
  6. Trigger killer: When you log everything into your journal, you can identify the triggers that cause you to fail. When these things are corrected you will always have a triumphant win.

Below you will find two weekly workout journal summaries, one is a sample of how you would fill it in and use it the other is an actual full journal to use as you summarize your daily kept workout log. If you would like to… go ahead and print it out to use weekly in evaluating your workouts. I hope you enjoy it and it is useful to you.

Fun And Informative Tools

Another fun and informative tool to create is a weight loss chart, you could use it alongside of your workout journal and these two tools hand in hand make for a killer way to track your progress. This gives you a visual of the whole, include a linear trendline to give you a visual summary of what your weight is doing, is it decreasing or increasing over time.

This weight loss chart was created with the line chart with markers in Microsoft Word, in the weight loss game you need to take advantage of all the tools that you can get your hands on. It is extremely motivating to see the linear trendline decreasing as the days go by.

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