Workout Logs Simplified

Workout logs YIKES… there are so many types and it’s all so confusing. As I researched this topic it turns out there are bazillions to choose from, it makes your head spin, your eyeballs pop out of your sockets and then your brain short circuits out.

But do they all mean the same thing? Is a workout chart the same thing as a workout tracker or a workout journal or an exercise log or an exercise chart or a fitness log or a fitness journal or a bodybuilding log? It seems I must continue to investigate this mystical creature.

Consulting Mr. Dictionary… AHA!!!

So this is what my research has told me when I consulted Mr. Dictionary. A brief vocabulary explanation that makes it all just a little bit clearer, it seems as though the words are being used interchangeably. I searched on the following three words: log, chart and journal.

  1. Log: This is a daily record or an official record of events, a systematic recording of events.
  2. Chart: To plan something, a sheet of information in the form of a table, graph or diagram.
  3. Journal: An examination of your life, a daily record of news and events of a personal nature.

Now the challenge is to try to create three separate distinctive items to reflect the descriptions from above and apply it to our new healthy lifestyle, so we can have tools that will help us reach our full potential in the gym and in life.

Each one of these respective items will be found on their own page, on this page I will try to create a comprehensive workout log for you. For the other items such as the workout chart and the workout journal you can access those from the links in the weight loss tools page.

Shazam There You Have It… Your Own Crystal Ball!

Let’s first examine the reasons behind a workout log, there are as I see it 5 excellent reasons to keep a good log.

  1. Accountability: This will end your excuse making and will land you in the gym instead, when you keep track of yourself and your progress, your brain will stop making up excuses to skip your workouts.
  2. Removes guess work: Knowing you have a schedule to meet and goals to obtain with your scheduled workout log, this will end the aimless wander about and will discourage you from chit chat.
  3. Motivation: As your trusty log grows with the passing of time, upon reviewing what you have done and what you have accomplished will give you renewed energy and an endless supply of new motivation.
  4. Eagerness to kick booty hard: As you keep updating your workout log and when you see the progress you have made, it will make you want to kick it into overdrive and step it up a few notches knowing that you are a force to be reckoned with in the gym.
  5. Track record: By reviewing your log, your past performance will give you knowledge of how fast you can expect positive results to happen… it’s like having your own crystal ball.

As I see it, there are only positive things that can happen when you keep your log. Problems only occur when you don’t keep it, so… what do you think? Are you ready to start creating your own crystal ball? Are you ready to be able to see into the near future, plot and plan your next moves in the gym?

Let’s Rock With Your Log… Ready, Set, Let’s Do It!!

Below you will find two daily workout logs, one is a sample of how you would fill it in and use it the other is an actual full log to use in the gym. If you would like to… go ahead and print it out to use in your daily workout. I hope you enjoy it and it is useful to you.

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