Workout Motivation… A Rare And Elusive Creature

Workout motivation is sometimes a rare and elusive creature. A lot of people are in search of him but rarely do they catch and harness this amazing creature. I believe with the creation of this website I can help you find, harness and use this creature we fondly call motivation.

Understanding Is Half The Battle

First and foremost understanding is half the battle. We should understand the reasons that are keeping us from catching this rare and elusive creature. Here are some reasons behind your lack of motivation.

  • You’ve lost the spark and desire: Do whatever it takes to recover these two important factors, read some magazines, read blogs, read some bios of people who inspire you.
  • You haven’t educated yourself: You need to be educated so you can adapt to each situation correctly. This will help you handle any problems that may arise and you will handle them like a pro.
  • Instant gratification: This will not work here, this new lifestyle is all about hard work, time and patience once you have those covered the gratification will come, but it won’t come instantly.
  • It takes too much effort and discipline: So does living each day and you seem to handle and accomplish that just fine.

As you can see this is a fixable problem as soon as we know why we are lacking motivation, it is easy to take the steps necessary in fixing that problem. Believe me… I have fixed the same problem with myself and it was possible. So, if I can fix it anyone can fix their problem, it just boils down to… how bad do you want it?

Develop A Burning Desire

Now that we understand the reasons that are keeping us from workout motivation, we must now address how to become motivated.

  • Get that spark back: Develop a burning, got to have it sensation or I will die, addicted attitude. This has to be something that you can’t do without, this is all about mindset. Develop this by immersing yourself in all things workout. Read about it and watch videos do anything necessary to condition your mind.
  • Become educated: Become well informed on the subjects that you are not sure of by doing this you will be motivated because you will know about your subject and you will be excited to try new things out during your workouts.
  • Instant gratification: The only time you will have instant gratification is when you know that you just had the best workout ever.
  • Too much effort and discipline: For this reason we must address this with the answer of we must adopt a do or die attitude, no excuses just as you have to breathe to stay alive, you have to get your workouts in to live a healthy, fit, strong, amazing life.

Your workout motivation comes from hearing, seeing and feeling your dreams, your vision and your goals. Your dream is your motivation. So dream big and dream in living color, it’s all up to you now, take it away and do it BIG!!

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